The feeling that you are helping others doesn’t not only empower you but fulfill your heart with happiness. According to researches too, giving is always considered a truer form of happiness than receiving. Because when we give something, we feel responsible or feel like we have a moral duty to help others which creates a sentiment which goes very much rooted in our personal values and principles.

If we talk about businesses, they always require innovative and unique idea in order to stand out. Each business has its own way to differentiate and stand out in front of its customers. But do you know what really differentiate us from others? Apart from prioritizing our customers the most, we think about the ones in need too. Because according to Paul Gosselin, the CEO, no business can run better if it doesn’t have a heart to feel for the ones in need. And hence, here we are, doing the very best that we can to make our customers as well as the ones in need to be happy with us.

One bracelet, one meal is a concept which all started with when Paul Gosselin traveled to Senegal to search about material design and a new inspiration to follow. Being the creative person that he is, he gets inspired from the smallest of things that no one would even notice. You can take a guess from here of why he is where he is today. He believes finding meaning in the smallest of things change your perspective of thinking and this is exactly what most of us need to do; the power to convert small things into big ideas.

When Paul visited Senegal, he saw the way people, specially children how they lived. He got touched with the way life was lived there. He came back, instead of forgetting what he saw and what moved him, he decided to do something about it. Can you see what he did here? He found meaning in someone’s livelihood.

According to Paul, the truest form of happiness is when you become able to feed someone else. That’s it. This is where Paul fulfilled his happiness. We sell bracelets. And for every bracelet that gets sold on the website, we will offer a meal to Senegal children. For there is no better feeling than knowing someone slept after having a proper meal to eat.

As much as we love our customers, we never really forget that we have a responsibility of those children on us too. And you being the precious customer of us shouldn’t forget this too. We are doing our little part to help children in getting a proper meal. Would you like to be a part of this and share this journey with us? We can only do it if you do it with us. Not only you will be buying something for yourself but will be giving something back. Come, let’s help those children with us. It’s always the teamwork which covert the biggest of dreams into a reality.