Paul Gosselin is a French Fashion Designer, based in Paris — the Fashion Capital of the World.

But that does not mean that he doesn’t take inspiration from the other great Fashion Meccas around the world. With collections inspired by London, Milan, New York and Tokyo, Paul Gosselin has taken a step unto the global fashion scene. A lifelong fascination with fashion and design, has made Gosselin first of all a student of the industry. And every collection from apparel to accessories starts with intense research of materials, styles, trends, and traditions.

Design and Engineering has always gone hand-in-hand. So the very first step towards the new collection began with a collaboration with a Textile Engineer to find materials with the exact properties Paul Gosselin was looking for. The modern textile industry has long moved beyond the classic assortment of woollens, linens, and cottons. And modern performance fabrics has made quantum leaps in recent decades.

With high quality and trending materials in hand, the research shifts to the designs themselves. That led to five collections paying tribute to five of the worlds top fashion capitals; London, Milan, New York, Tokyo, and of course — Paris. Or the undeniable connection between Parisian Haute Couture and attention to fine details.

The fifth collection celebrates one the most vibrant fashion epicentres of the moment: Tokyo. Japan has long been overlooked in the fashion world, in favour of the heralded European fashion houses. But no place in the world has a textile and apparel industry as interesting as Japan at the moment. That’s why Gosselin’s first clothing line takes its inspiration from the Asian fashion metropolis.

Thanks to the research that goes into finding high quality textiles and materials, Paul Gosselin can now offer Fashion Accessories and Apparel at price that does not break the bank. All materials are chosen for their physical properties and function in the designs. — Not to make the designs expensive.

The feel and quality of the designs comes from the functional design choices and playing around with colours, textures, and materials to create designs that looks and feels sophisticated and high-end. But at a price point that is accessible to everyone.

To browse the elegant and timeless collections for yourself, browse the Paul Gosselin Web Shop here.